Seed Collection


Forty-five plant types are regenerated from seed. Most are annuals that will produce seed each year, while some are biennials that require two growing seasons to reproduce.

Amaranth Cucumber Pea
Bean Eggplant Pepper
Beet Endive Radish
Broccoli Fava bean Runner bean
Brussel sprout Ground cherry Rutabaga
Cabbage Kale Sorghum
Carrot Kohlrabi Spinach
Cauliflower Leek Squash
Celeriac Lettuce Sunflower
Celery Lima bean Swiss chard
Chinese cabbage Melon Tepary bean
Chicory Mustard Tomatillo
Collard Okra Tomato
Corn Parsley Turnip
Cowpea Parsnip Watermelon

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