Thousands of heirloom garden varieties are maintained in our collections at Heritage Farm, making SSE the largest non-governmental seedbank of its kind in the United States. The collections grow by freewill donation from farmers and gardeners, who send their stories along with their seed. We acquire, maintain, and share these varieties with others.

Donate a Variety/Accessions Policy
The Accessions Policy helps SSE strengthen its commitment to the preservation of varieties with a deep and enduring connection to the gardening and farming heritage of the United States. The development of this formal policy for the SSE Collection is one of the many ways that Heritage Farm is meeting our obligation to the SSE membership and our preservation mission.
Read about SSE's Collection priorities and how you can get your variety into the Collection.

Current Projects

Member-Grower Evaluation Network (M-Gen)

M-GEN is an opportunity for dedicated SSE members to participate in our plant evaluation process. More

Collection Origins Research Effort (CORE)

SSE staff are researching the origins of accessions with incomplete documentation.... More

Virus-free seed Potatoes

SSE was invited to collaborate with researchers in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. More

New bar-coding system

A new bar-coding system is improving our management of the collections. More