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We rely on our membership to support our organization and to help sustain the diversity of heirlooms in our seed bank. However, membership is not required in order to purchase from this on-line catalog. Any gardener can order from this catalog.

Renewing members, please log in and then return to this page to choose your membership level.

Want over 12,000 MORE varieties?

Then become a member of Seed Savers Exchange
We were founded in 1975, but many people still do not know that Seed Savers Exchange, Inc., is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to conserving and promoting heirloom vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.

SSE members receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases from the Seed Savers Exchange color catalog and from the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center here at Heritage Farm near Decorah, Iowa. Our members are also enrolled in the American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program (RAP), where they enjoy free admission to nearly 300 participating gardens, arboreta, and conservatories across the U.S. and beyond! Find RAP here, where they have an updated garden list, a downloadable RAP Guide, and an interactive map to find participating locations near you.

In addition to our commercial seed catalog, members also receive four issues of our publications that total many hundreds of pages each year. These publications, not available elsewhere, include:

Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook cover

Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook, an encyclopedic volume which, in 2014 offers 13,012 unique varieties (and 19,248 total listings) to members from members, making it one of the greatest sources of heirloom varieties in the world. The yearbook is a meeting place where gardeners share what they have grown, and learn from others with similar interests. It is mailed in late January.

*Note: All new/renewing members enrolling now will receive the Harvest 2014 edition of The Heritage Farm Companion as their first publication.

Printed copies of the 2014 yearbook are still available for a limited time at an additional charge of $5.00 for active members. Please contact us at 563-382-5990 to place your request.

How To Participate in the Seed Exchange:

Created by SSE's Education Coordinator Grant Olson

Heritage Farm Companion cover

The Heritage Farm Companion is published three times a year and brings you the latest news on all the happenings at Heritage Farm, updates on sustainable farming practices, profiles of Seed Savers Exchange members, and gardening and seed savings tips.

Here are three articles from recent publications.

 -  "The Big Six: A Profile of Corporate Power in Seeds, Agrochemicals & Biotech"

  -  "Debunking the Hybrid Myth"

-"Billy Hepler: America's Youngest Seed Grower"

While receiving the above benefits, members are also supporting our preservation mission at Heritage Farm. Today, more than 20,000 varieties are maintained here. This includes members' family heirlooms, varieties dropped from commercial seed catalogs, and traditional varieties from around the world. Our genetic preservation projects have been designed to maintain our country's vanishing garden heritage.

Seed Savers Exchange members receive a 10 percent discount on registration fees for SSE events and workshops, including our annual Conference and Campout at Heritage Farm. The conference features workshops, garden and orchard tours, delicious local food and a barn dance as well as special programming just for children ages six and over.

Lifetime Membership
Today, some 1,400 people from all walks of life have joined Seed Savers Exchange as lifetime members. The $1,500 lifetime membership ($1,750 International) provides all of the above-mentioned benefits, for life, and helps Seed Savers Exchange maintain our seed collection of more than 20,000 varieties, regrow varieties as needed, and search the world for rare or endangered seed.