Lillian Goldman Visitor Center

Attention: The Lillian Goldman Visitors Center will be closing early on August 1st, 2015 at 4pm to prepare for the Greg Brown Benefit Concert

The visitor center serves as both an education center and retail garden store supporting our non-profit organization. Choose from over 600 seed varieties and browse a wide selection of books, tools, and gifts. Rotating educational exhibits, informational displays, and gardening and seed saving resources help visitors plan their gardens and join our seed saving efforts.

Diversity Garden at Heritage Farm

Take a stroll through our Diversity Garden! We're planting around 150 varieties in 37 raised beds featuring 5 distinct food traditions.

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Seed Savers Exchange
Visitor Center Hours:

Opening March 1st
March-Oct 31: Daily 10-5
Nov-Dec 20: Thur-Sun 10-5
Closed: Easter, 4th of July, & Thanksgiving

3074 North Winn Rd
Decorah, IA 52101
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Located in Northeast Iowa among sparkling streams and limestone bluffs, the 890-acre home for Seed Savers Exchange welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Beautiful heirloom display gardens, historic orchards, and heritage livestock breeds border the Amish-built Lillian Goldman Visitor Center, connecting visitors to our diverse garden heritage.

Display Gardens

A range of gardens surround the visitor center and make up a living museum of historic fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Find inspiration for edible landscaping in Diane’s Garden, inform your seed selections by strolling through a living catalog in the Trial Gardens, engage the little ones in the interactive Children’s Garden, and see how we annually regenerate over 1,000 seed varieties from our collection in the Preservation Gardens. Read more...

Historic Orchards

Seed Savers Exchange preserves over 950 historic apple varieties in two orchards at Heritage Farm. Because apples are not propagated by seed—but by cuttings— these orchards serve as a living gene bank for our diverse apple heritage. Rediscover old favorites such as Northern Spy, Hawkeye Delicious, and Knobbed Russet. Our Historic Orchard also contains many old grape varieties, including more than 100 breeding lines from the collection of famed grape breeder, Elmer Swenson. Read more...

Heritage Livestock

Traditional livestock breeds are an important aspect of our agricultural heritage worth preserving for future generations. Seed Savers Exchange is one of only a few major breeding sites for Ancient White Park Cattle, a rare and distinct cattle breed that roamed the British Isles before the time of Christ. Visitors to Heritage Farm each summer will also find displays of Heritage Poultry featuring a variety of historic turkeys, ducks, chickens and geese. Read more...

Hiking Trails

Traverse the wooded bluffs and valley pastures on an 8 mile network of hiking trails connecting our orchards and remote gardens. In addition to the gardens, hikers will find sparkling streams, limestone bluffs, century-old white pine woods and over 300 native species of plants and 100 species of birds along the way. Read more...

Trout Fishing

A bubbling spring near the Lillian Goldman Visitor Center feeds into Pine Spring Creek which then meanders through the Twin Valleys at Heritage Farm. Working with the Iowa DNR, Trout Unlimited, and Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association, this stream is now home to native Brook Trout as well as Brown Trout and other species. Fishing is permitted at Heritage Farm; catch and release for Brook trout, catch and keep for Brown trout. Read more...

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