Fundraiser for Schools

Seeds To Grow: A healthy new path to fundraising!

It all starts with a seed.

Schools, clubs, and other organizations are looking for fundraising programs that not only generate much needed income but also teach important skills. The Seeds To Grow fundraising program benefits your school, your students, and the gardening public by promoting heirloom gardening and healthy eating. 

The market for heirloom seed has expanded as millions of gardeners break ground every year. The topic of food—how it's grown and prepared, who grows it, and its connection to wellness—is foremost in many people's minds these days.

Selling heirloom seeds can cultivate students' curiosity in gardening, history, nutrition, biodiversity, organics, and the culinary arts. The educational possibilities are endless. 

First Things
Your organization will earn 40% of what is sold. For example: If your group sells 200 collections at $10 each, you earn $800.

Email Us We want to know about your organization, the name and address of your contact person, the size of your group, and when you want to get started.

It's Simple
After getting your information, we'll send you booklets with everything students need to begin fundraising. Inside are descriptions of the six different seed collections for sale. The order form in the center of the booklet will document the sales. Take time to go over the program with the students. Have customers make out their checks to your organization at time of sale. Your organization compiles the orders and submits the Administrative Order Form with payment of 60% of your total sale—you keep the rest. We will then send the seeds to your group for you to distribute.