Passing on seed-saving knowledge is at the heart of Seed Savers Exchange's mission to save the world's diverse, but endangered garden heritage.

We strive to provide educational resources to our members and the general public to encourage gardening and garden-based learning, to underscore the imperative of preserving genetic diversity and, of course, to foster seed saving enthusiasm and knowledge.

What is an heirloom vegetable? We classify heirlooms simply as "varieties that have a history of being grown and shared within a family or community." Read on in this article from The Heritage Farm Companion, SSE's membership publication.


Herman's Garden: seed donation program Our Herman's Garden seed donation program provides seeds to school and community groups around the globe. This program has built a network of gardens around the world that fight hunger, build community, and teach children and adults the virtues of homegrown food. We ask those who tend one of "Herman's Gardens" to offer garden advice, plant seeds, share the harvest, and save seeds to pass on.

Seeds to Grow: school fundraiser: Seed Savers Exchange is excited to offer this program to help schools reach their fundraising goals. Selling heirloom seed is not only a healthier alternative to selling candy bars, it can also cultivate students' curiosity in nutrition, gardening, plant biodiversity, organics, health, our national heritage and the culinary arts. We believe that the possibilities are significant even beyond the monetary goal.

Planting and seed saving instructions: A resource for seed savers and heirloom gardeners detailing basic planting and seed saving techniques for various garden vegetables, flowers and herbs. For a thorough understanding of seed saving techniques you might look to Susanne Ashworth's book Seed to Seed, a complete seed-saving guide. 

The Organic Seed Alliance has recently published helpful information on seed saving, A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers, available for free on their website. 

Workshops and events Check out our calendar of upcoming events which include workshops, lectures, dinners, tastings, and our Annual Conference and Campout in July.

Resources for teachers: Kid's gardening curricula We're also happy to make available three seasonal gardening curricula - Winter, Spring and Fall-for children K-8. 

A Handful of Seeds is a seed-saving and study guide for educators, published by the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC). A guide for classroom-based seed savers, A Handful of Seeds is specifically targeted towards California Educational Standards and is available for free on OAEC's website.