Board Members

  • Keith
    Keith Crotz, Chairman of the Board

    Rare book dealer and publisher of rare horticultural reprints, Keith is a horticultural/agricultural literature historian. He is the owner of American Botanist Booksellers, established in 1983, which does collection development for colleges, universities and individuals. He lives in Chillicothe, Illinois, and has been a member of Seed Savers Exchange since 1984.

  • Neil
    Neil Hamilton, J.D., Vice-Chair of the Board

    Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of Agricultural Law Center at the Drake University Law School, Neil has taught agricultural law for 30 years and is the author of numerous books and articles for farmers and lawyers. He is a former president of the American Agricultural Law Association as well as former chairman of the advisory board of Aldo Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. He is currently on the board of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. Neil lives with his wife Khanh on a 20-acre market farm, Sunstead, near Waukee, Iowa.

  • Larry
    Larry Grimstad, Secretary Treasurer of the Board

    Larry Grimstad is a prominent community leader in Decorah, Iowa, who has served on numerous boards including the Decorah Chamber of Commerce, Winneshiek County United Way, Decorah Community Schools Foundation, and Winneshiek County Development. He has been a financial advisor for many other community organizations. Grimstad is currently a committee member for the NE Iowa Food and Farm Coalition and serves as treasurer of the board of the Winneshiek Energy District. He is the former President of the Decorah Area Community Foundation and former President and CEO of Decorah Bank and Trust Company. He raises grass-fed cattle, is a mulch gardener as well as a developer of renewable energy sources.

  • Rob
    Rob Johnston, Jr., Board Member

    Rob is the founder and chairman of Johnny's Selected Seeds, and is currently in the 10-year process of selling Johnny's to its over 100 employees so that the company will be entirely employee owned. In addition to breeding plants and introducing 30 commercial vegetable varieties, he is past president of both All-America Selections and the Maine Organic Farmer & Gardeners Association. Rob is the author of "Growing Garden Seeds," a booklet on vegetable seed growing. He has been a friend of Seed Savers Exchange since 1976.

  • David
    David Cavagnaro, Board Member

    Local gardener, author and photographer, David spent eight years managing Seed Saver Exchange's preservation gardens. He has worked as a scientific field worker, educational tourism leader and photography instructor. David is the Director of the Pepperfield Project, a nonprofit devoted to teaching about sustainability, genetic preservation, healthful eating and food gardening.

  • Ros
    Rosalind Creasy, Board Member

    Garden and food writer, photographer and landscape designer with a passion for beautiful vegetables and ecologically sensitive gardening, Ros is the author of multiple books including "The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping." Throughout her more than 30-year career in horticulture, she has continued to share her knowledge of gardening and cooking by writing, lecturing nationwide and appearing on television and radio shows. Her photographs appear frequently in numerous magazines, calendars (including Seed Saver Exchange's annual calendar) and books.

  • Hope
    Hope Shand, Board Member

    An independent consultant based out of Durham, North Carolina, Hope has conducted extensive research and writing on the topics of agricultural biodiversity and intellectual property, as well as the social and economic impacts of new biotechnologies. Her work has been guided by the belief that plant genetic resources should stay in the public domain and in the hands of farmers. Hope served as the Research Director of ETC Group, an international civil society organization, for several decades. She continues to work with a variety of civil society organizations, and recently served as a consultant to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

  • Rowen White
    Rowen White, Board Member

    Rowen White is a seed saver, farmer and educator. She is from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and curates an extensive collection of rare northeast native seeds. She is the co-founder of Sierra Seed Cooperative in Nevada City, CA, focusing on local seed production and education. White is a seed educator with Native Seed/Search Seed School in Tucson, AZ and has had a long standing relationship with Seed Savers Exchange. She is the author, along with Bryan Connolly, of "Breeding Organic Vegetables: A Step by Step Guide for Growers."

  • Amy
    Amy Goldman Fowler, Ph.D., Special Advisor to the Board

    Amy is a gardener, author, artist, philanthropist and advocate for heirloom fruits and vegetables. She is the author of "The Compleat Squash", "Melons for the Passionate Grower" and "The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table" - all three books were recipients of the American Horticultural Society Book of the Year awards. Amy is trustee of the Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust and of the Amy P. Goldman Foundation. She also serves on the Boards of the New York Botanical Garden and the New York Restoration Project.

  • Marty
    Marty Teitel, Special Advisor to the Board

    Marty is an accomplished author, editor, and genetic diversity advocate living in Sheepscot, Maine. He has extensive experience with international development and foundation work, having devoted his entire career to nonprofit organizations focused on a wide range of humanitarian and environmental causes. Marty has authored numerous books, such as “The Ownership of Life: When Patents and Values Clash” (co-authored with SSE Board Member, Hope Shand), and “Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature.” He also authored the Safe Seed Pledge, a statement SSE is proud to have been one of the original signers of. Marty first encountered the organization in the early 1980s when it existed in Diane and Kent Whealy’s garage, and he has since played a pivotal role in arranging the financing and growth of Heritage Farm. He is also a board member of the Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism.